About Us

Twenty eight years ago, after travelling the world for several years, I decided to travel back to Indonesia to buy some of the interesting items I'd seen on my trips to bring back to Canada. I found a variety of handmade products, created by Balinese craftspeople which I imported to Canada where I found a receptive audience for these artistic creations.

These small purchases soon became larger and “Sambar Enterprises Importers”, a company importing and wholesaling handmade quality giftware, fashion items, jewellery and furniture from Indonesia and India was created.

The essence of those first purchases I made has remained the same throughout the company's history -- searching out and purchasing unique, hand-made items from artisans who have been fairly compensated for their work. Many of these suppliers began their businesses at the same time as I did and many still work with me to this day. My family has been involved in all aspects of my business, as have my supplier's families. The business relationship has been mutually beneficial to all involved – a true “fair trade” arrangement!

On the Canadian side of Sambar's business, we have established mutually beneficial business relationships with many retailers over the years. As with many of our overseas business partners, we have established not only business relationships but also friendships!

Economies in Asia and in Canada have experienced big changes and turbulence over the last years. Sambar Importers together with our Asian supplier's and our Canadian retail customers are weathering the storm. By continuing to source unique, quality handmade products and continuing to trade fairly with both our Asian and Canadian business partners, Sambar Importers will strive to continue to fill a niche in the market and service our customers well.

John Funk
Sambar President